Message From CEO

In the context of Microfinance sector of Nepal has been emerging industries for access to finance in village area, where infrastructure, economic activities, social awareness is very poor. Microfinance is playing a vital role to access the financial services with poor people and enhancing their economic status as well as quality of life. Today MFIs function in a complex environment and face significant challenges including increased competition, tighter regulation

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Capital Structure

The authorized capital of NMBSL is Rs. 500 million; Paid up Capital is Rs. 70 million and Issued Capital is Rs. 100 million. The initial share distribution as under:

  • Commercial Bank-45% (Nepal Investment Bank- 25% and Kumari Bank- 20%)
  • Development Bank and Financial Institution-16%  (Business Universal Development Bank-1%, Paschimanchal Development Bank-2.5%, Kathmandu Finance-7.5%, Shri Investment and Finance company-2.5% and Synergy Finance-2.5%)
  • Individual’s promoter –9%.
  • General Public including staff to be issued through IPO Rs. 30%